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Black’s Run Forest Farm

Blacks Run Forest Farm is a riparian nursery and folk school rooted in love and living soil. These roots grow out as agroforestry, watershed health, and restorative justice. We tend the silver waters of Blacks Run and the Shenandoah by farming in the image of the forest and remediating the toxins that pollute our souls, society, and soil, from chemical leaching to white supremacy. In fact, we see all this as an expression of restorative justice, a way of transforming harm and injustice by tending to needs, holding ourselves accountable, and making relationships and conditions as right as possible so that all creatures can be fully themselves!


Mary Jo’s Flowers

We are committed to growing high quality flowers in a sustainable way. The flowers are grown without the use of chemicals and careful attention is given to feeding the soil. The earth, as abundant in food and beauty as it is, deserves no less.


Thistle Haven Farm


The Floral Reserve

The Floral Reserve is a wholesale flower market that caters to the discerning floral artist. We recognize and celebrate the talent and passion of our floral community. We support and promote local and sustainable flowers and believe in having an environment in which to touch and see all that our local farmers have to offer. In conjunction with local and US grown flowers, we believe in the beauty and variety of Dutch imports. Beautiful and inspiring designs begin with beautiful product. The Floral Reserve is committed to providing you with that product, in an inspiring and collaborative environment that beckons you to do your best creative work.