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Vessel Candles - Zodiac Collection

Vessel Candles - Zodiac Collection

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Zodiac Sign

Hand poured into amber glass jars with black lids and labels that are designed with each zodiac sign’s constellation. Candles are made with 100% soy wax, coreless cotton wicks, and essential and fine fragrance oils. Hand poured in small batches in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Leo- Bergamot and citrus essential oils with floral notes boost creativity and encourage the Leo’s spirit of generosity.

Scorpio- Base of sandlewood with cedarwood essential oils and notes of vanilla, amber, and jasmine bring out the intuitive side of Scorpios and replenish low energy levels.

Capricorn- An oakmoss base with notes of fig, melon, and apples and a heart of lily and jasmine bring out the earthy, sensual side of Capricorns and encourage stability.

Gemini- Lemon and orange essential oils with notes of verbena help to focus thoughts and boost the moods of Gemini.

Libra- A rich base of vanilla and sandlewood mixed with essential oils including orange, lavandin, copaiba, balsam, lemon, and grapefruit creates harmony and peace and a strong sense of self in Libras.

Sagittarius- Essential oils of ginger, cedarwood, geranium, and patchouli encourage freedom and adventure as well as help support self-worth.

Virgo- Cedarwood and pine essential oils with notes of cinnamon, cypress, and lemon sooth the overzealous mind of Virgos and reduce stress levels.

Aries- Spicy and sweet base of coriander and tonka bean with notes of amber, tobacco, and sweet vanilla keep the fire lit in the passionate Aries.

Pisces- Sandalwood and amber base with notes of oakmoss, rose, and grapefruit mixed with sage, lavandin, and orange essential oils to soothe and comfort the sensitive and compassionate Pisces.

Cancer- Clover leaf, ginger, lavender, orange, and sage essential oils bring a sense of tranquility and help bring out the soft and intuitive nature of Cancers.

Taurus- Soothing lavender mixed with energizing and refreshing rosemary and mint create a down to earth scent that supports the sensual nature of a Taurus.

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